I would highly recommend Kelsie!”

Her wealth of healthcare knowledge and experience goes much deeper than her bachelor’s degree in science, especially when it comes to pregnancy, postpartum and infancy stages. Kelsie is very intelligent, creative, kind-hearted, and very responsible.

My husband and I were so grateful for Kelsie's expertise, warmth, and calm when we had our first baby this summer. Despite a long labor with some complications, I felt so well cared for that I still remember it all fondly as a good experience. Kelsie is worth her weight in gold, and hiring a doula is one of the best decisions we made about our pregnancy!

— L.


“She truly cares.”

Kelsie has a can-do attitude, she is a natural feeler. Kelsie is warm, kind, creative, nurturing, positive and capable. What I love most about Kelsie is that she truly cares. She has a way of making you feel like she’s part of your family by making others feel comfortable to open themselves up. There is nothing Kelsie can’t handle; she’s able to walk into a situation, and without saying a word she knows what needs to be done and will do it. 

— A.

“Ask Kelsie to be your doula!”

Kelsie was hands on, helping myself and my husband through labor and delivery, with different pain management and breathing techniques that ultimately allowed me to have the natural birth I desired. She was my advocate, professional, caring, compassionate, and exactly what we both needed to help us through such an unfamiliar and exciting experience. If you want a positive and memorable birthing experience, ask Kelsie to be your doula. You won't regret it!

— J.

at your cervix

“Everyone needs a Kelsie!”

Kelsie was amazingly supportive through my pregnancy, birth, and now postpartum. My birthing experience was so powerful for my husband and I thanks to her education, passion and kindness. I was able to fully experience birth with her and my husband (amazing team) by my side! Everyone needs a Kelsie!

— M. 


"She truly stood with me with unwavering support throughout pregnancy and labor. Kelsie helped me achieve an amazing birth story!" 


"Best decision we made regarding this pregnancy! I highly recommend her services. Thank you Kelsie!" 


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